About us

The founding members came together with the idea of Combat Cookers
while on their deployment to Iraq 2009-2010. 

SPC Chad Veilleux
President , Founder, Director
Houston, TX
5 years in service
Deployments: 1 Iraq OIF, 1 Africa
Chad works for a Engineering firm as a drafter/designer. He enjoys camping, fishing, going to the beach, amusement parks, rodeo's, dirt track racing, playing sports, and country music. He is a Kansas Jayhawk fan, Astros fan, Texans fan.  He is also married with a daughter, Madison.

CPL Matthew Southern
Vice President, Founder,Director
Tyler, TX
21 years of service
Deployments: 2 in Iraq
Matthew is an active member of the VFW post 4002 and is a lifetime member of NGAT (National Guard Association of Texas). He is a Dallas Cowboys and Texas A&M Fan. He has three wonderful kids, Amber, Kelsey and Johnathan. He enjoys being out on the lake and camping, cookouts and entertaining friends.

SGT Dusty Culpepper
Karnes City, TX
12 years of service
Deployments: 2 OIF, 1 Noble Eagle, 1 Operation Jump Start
Dusty grew up on the ranch, riding and breaking horses and working cattle. He's not scared to work but scared of women. He loves to BBQ, fish, hunt, drink a little beer and whiskey. He worked in the oilfield most of his life.

Combat Cookers is providing the following services to veterans and families:
  • We are assisting with veterans and their families in need of financial assistance in time of hardship. Our Veterans and their families have sacrificed for the well being of this Country. Combat Cookers has set aside funds to ensure that a Veteran and his family will not do without essential’s due to a Deployment, Activation, Layoff‘s, or other unseen circumstances.
  • We are providing funding for handicapped veterans in order to provide a better and safer way of living. They will have access to all areas of their home, such as building ramps, enlarging entryways for wheelchairs and scooters.
  • Provide funds for counseling of Children of KIA. This will provide counseling for children who have lost a parent. These children need the arms of our country wrapped around them in their time of grief. Counseling will help the child understand the feelings of grief and depression that comes with such a great loss. Because every loss of any service member makes our nation sad, the children of these service members are now our children to hold, and ensure they know that their hero was our hero too.
  • We will provide transportation to veterans who need treatment at a hospital out of their location. Some veterans aren’t able to get these treatments due to this issue. We cannot turn our backs on veterans and their families who need medical help.

All of the services above will be on an individual case basis. We will be working with local groups that need assistance with veterans and their families.

This gives us a chance to meet great people and other veterans, share stories, cook great food and raise money for the ones who stood the watch and became our brothers and sisters.

Combat Cookers is a non-profit organization looking for members, donations and sponsors to help with our journey. We are happy to be finally home to our loved ones and excited about having the opportunity to help others. We welcome all to join us in our mission. We have a great time because we carry a bond.